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More and more in the news we are starting to see an increasing number of journalists and doctors, teaming up to inform the general public just like yourself about the dangers of sitting down for long periods of time. Since the industrial revolution, our lives have become more automated and an increasing rate of desk jobs with the advancement of technology leading the way for businesses. This means that the time added up in a day, from sitting down at breakfast, commuting in car - sitting at a desk all day at work, commuting home and then spending a few hours sat on the couch watching TV; it all leads up to a rather sedentary lifestyle which is extremely unhealthy. Standing desks and Adjustable Height Desks are becoming increasingly popular and more people are starting to learn about them. Standing up just an extra hour or two a day can help reduce the risk of sitting down diseases, which could include obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and many more problems. Interestingly, standing up all day also can cause problems so it's all about finding the right balance with a Standing Desk Chair, which you can use to adjust height to suit your desk, and while you're standing you can also perch on it, to give your feet a rest, but still remain in a standing position - and for when you do stand fully, your feet need comfort and support which is where a Standing Desk Mat will help you! This website has lots of information on standing desks for example finding out what the best height for an adjustable height desk is.

What Are The Health Benefits of Adjustable Height Desks?

In todays digital world, sitting down has become a part of modern lifestyle but the problem is, our bodies aren't designed to sit down

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How Can a Standing Desk Chair Help You?

Sitting down all day is bad for you, but so is standing up - you can find the right balance with a standing desk chair

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Do Standing Desk Mats Really Help Your Feet?

Physiologists have found out that simply sitting down is doing a lot of harm to your health, and this is resulting in a rise of health problems such a diabetes type 2 and obesity

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